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What People Are Saying 

"I would love it if you were able to come back to our school and teach us more about what happened so the holocaust would definitely not happen ever again. Sami you inspire us all. YOU ROCK SAMI!"

K - 8th Grade

"You helped us learn a lot... For example you told us there were labor camps and some people had experiments done on them. I only knew about concentration camps."

"In the future, when I'm in a hardship, your strength will help me through it. "If Sami went through harder       stuff than me, why can't I?" I will also tell my children this story."

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"Not becoming a victim to injustice is the biggest form of resistance anyone can do."                                                                                                                                 

High School

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"During your wonderful presentation, I learned things that were new to me. I never knew that the Holocaust   spread out all the way to Romania and Ukraine."

".....your story has inspired me to look at people not for their physical religious approaches. But, to judge    their character and how they respond....."

"This was better than a history lesson we usually have, because this time it was a Jew who was telling a real experience of his own life..."

"There was also a quote that was said that I fell in love with, and wrote it down in my notebook. "Never judge a person by the group they are apart of, A person represents their self and only their self". That was       the best quote I ever heard."

"It really helped me hearing you speak and talk about never losing hope. I can't relate exactly to you but, I could relate. I am only 18 but I have already been homeless because I struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. I had a rough go of things not so long ago, but I got my act together and moved myself into the sober house and have been sober for 7 months. I lost hope completely about ever amounting to anything in   my life. Listening to you really helped me. So thank you."

"I personally loved your message concerning the “difference” between a problem and a challenge. I must be honest; before I heard you explain the difference between the two words I never really saw it. Now thanks to you Sami I see how I can turn a situation around by addressing my problems as challenges. It is one thing   to solve a problem, but it is another to overcome a challenge!"


"This was better than a history lesson we usually have, because this time it was a Jew who was telling a real experience of his own life..."

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"Our tour guide, Mr. Sami Steigmann, made the experience personal. Sami was an excellent story teller who was able to engage the students with a special story or joke."

"One of my students was so moved by your story that she decided to make her memorial in dedication to all of those who were

"That your visit was well-received by all of my students is an understatement."

"All three presentations were tailored to the interests of the audience, and Sami's interactive style and humor eased the discussion about some of the worst crimes ever committed.

Adults / University Students

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"I have always strongly believed in the power of positive thinking but now, after meeting you, I am thinking about turning this positive attitude into positive action. I hope to   one day leave the impact on others the same impact you left on me."

"Your passionate outpouring of positivity despite the terrible crimes and injustices committed against you,impart a sense of decency, liberation, and greatness within the human soul and spirit. You are truly a soldier of freedom!"

"Saw an amazing talk this morning by a Holocaust survivor. I actually had to hide my tears because he         endured it starting when he was Zeezee's age. I hugged her extra tight   after that talk."

"He is a life mentor."

"Sami taught the crowd to live life to the fullest, to enjoy life, and accept everyone. Sami, you changed my life, and even though I've only known you for a few days, I love you and am glad to call you my friend!"

"I found your talks to be very inspiring. It is wonderful that you are constantly speaking to students as they of course were not yet born when these atrocities occurred but they should be aware of how devastating this period was to millions of innocent people so that we have safeguards to never allow it to happen again."

"Your uplifting, informative presentation is such a necessary part of a fundamental social dialogue.I was particularly amazed that, you, as a holocaust survivor, could relinquish hate and fill your heart with forgiveness instead of revenge."

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