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(Meant to be)

It was meant to be. At the table where Sami was sitting, there was a man born in the same city as Sami, who had been in the same camp as Sami, for the same years (1941-1944) as Sami. He was taken at 8 months old and Sami was taken at a year and a half. For the first time in his life, Sami felt like he belonged to both generations and did not have to ignore it anymore or keep silent. Today, Sami definitely believes in Bashert.

Becoming a Motivational Speaker

Sami was a victim of the Nazis. But after the war, Sami always faced life challenges and obstacles as a survivor! Sami evolved! Sami now carries the torch for his generation and teaches young people life lessons based on his personal experiences. Sami overcame life challenges and obstacles by volunteering - finding healthy substitutes to fulfill his need to teach and share. On February 17, 2016, Sami was recognized for his life's work when he received the Harmony Power Award at the Museum of Tolerance on East 42nd Street in NYC. That same night he also received a proclamation from the New York State Assembly recognizing him as an example of courage, compassion and for his work speaking with students and visitors to New York. 

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