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Sami's Parents

NATHAN, Sami's father, born in Vatra Dornei, Romania, was an orphan who became a confident person with street smarts as well as a benevolent dictator and an unforgiving person. Nathan's father died before he was born and his mother (Sami's grandmother) was unable  to take care of eight children. She decided to take the 2 youngest ones and commit suicide. A stranger saved the children but, Sami's grandmother DID commit suicide. Consequently, Sami's father grew up in an orphanage in Vienna but was

 thrown out into the street at age 13. His street wise experiences enabled him to save his family during the war, and also, provide them with food after the war. Food was extremely scarce with everything sold on the black market - including bread. Naturally, Sami inherited his father's confidence. After the war, the Soviets allowed a small group of Jews - about 3,000 - to return to the country of origin, if they so desired. Sami's father, born in Vatra Dornei, opted to go back to Romania.

SAMI wishes to honor his 35 paternal family members murdered by the Nazis; his uncle Max, who was a refugee in Shanghai (China was the only country that did not require a visa and 25,000 were saved); his maternal family members; and all the other victims who perished in the Holocaust.

In Loving Memory

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