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Sami's Victim Story

   Being too young to work, per his parents, Sami was subjected to Nazi medical experimentation in his early years, but has no recollection of those years. However, he has felt and still feels the side effects every single day of his life. When he sought compensation from the Claims Conference Compensation Program, one of the questions on the application dated Feb 8, 2002 “Were you subjected to medical experiments by the Nazi regime?” Sami answered YES and provided the following statement: 


“My parents told me that I was subjected to Nazi medical experimentation but did not go into specifics (too painful to remember.) All I know is that I suffered all my life from neck, head and back problems.  The severity was so great that I had days and weeks that I could not sit, lay down or walk (not all at the same time). My headaches were so severe that I was crying in pain. My parents and the other witnesses are all gone, therefore, I hope that this information will suffice.”

Obviously, Sami had no proof. He was not expecting an answer. To Sami's surprise, he received an answer two years later, on January 26, 2004. To his shock, he received - based on their records - a single payment of 2,500 DM. The financial settlement did not make a big difference in his life, but two paragraphs in the letter accompanying the settlement are invaluable to him:

       “Based on the information and evidence you provided, your eligibility has been established as a victim of            medical experiments."  



       "Fully aware that no amount of money can compensate you for the severe injustices that you suffered, we do hope that you will regard this payment as a symbolic acknowledgement of those    


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