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His advice to the young people: "NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER LOSE HOPE and enjoy the life you’ve been given. NEVER BE A PERPETRATOR (anyone that hurts another, intentionally and repeatedly, is a perpetrator). But most importantly, NEVER, EVER BE A BY-STANDER.


 The greatest tragedy in human history, the Holocaust and all the genocides, happened because the world stood by and did nothing.

 As a bystander, you are part of the problem. Sami wants you to BE PART OF  THE SOLUTION."


From Victim to Motivational Speaker​

Sami spoke about his life, for the first time, on March 11th, 2008. He spoke to a class of 6th graders who sent him thank you letters. One letter ended with the sentence: “Your story was overwhelming and I promise I’ll pass your story to my children.” When Sami read this,  he realized his mission for the rest of his life is to reach as many young people as he can.


Sami's motto is:


VICTIM: Holocaust, plus after the war, anti-antisemitism and persecution in Romania.

SURVIVOR: Holocaust, plus many life challenges and overcaming them. 

MORAL WITNESS: "If Sami could do it, so can I". 

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER: Life lessons based on Sami's personal experiences inspire solutions to overcoming life challenges and obstacles.

Sami's mission

Sami is dedicated to reaching as many young people as he can. 

His goal is to promote tolerance, and encourage the younger generations to make the world a better reality  for themselves, their children, and one day, their grandchildren.


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