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"From the faculty and students of the RSS High School, I want to extend our profound thanks for your                 extraordinary presentation. Not only have a number of students and teachers told me how much they were   moved - and learned - from you, I am also getting notes and calls from parents who have heard from their       teenagers about the morning."

"Our students were engaged from the moment you entered our building up until the moment you said               goodbye. Our students not only learned about history but you made your experience relevant to their               lives. They connected with you on a human level that was beautiful to witness. Our kids have officially             "adopted" you and can't wait until they see you again. Thanks again for sharing your story and I look                 forward to our continued partnership."

"You are a true promoter of positivity in life."

"His message was dynamic, authentic, and most meaningful for our students and staff. I truly appreciate the   emphasis he placed on life lessons and tolerance. Our students   and staff will certainly remember his               presentation for years to come."
















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