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Dorsten's Mayor Tobias Stockhoff wonderful comment (The highlight from my trip to Germany)

Deeply moving and impressive - was the conversation between Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann from New York and 18-year-old Lilian Fee Magdanz, who introduced him to our city's schools and the Jüdisches Museum Westfalen for a contemporary interview from New York York had invited you

An important concern for Sami Steigmann is to get many young people not to be "bystanders" but "upstanders" in the presence of injustice. Party for the marginalized, the persecuted and the abandoned to arrest and not to remain silent.

Thank you Sami and Lilian for this special evening of remembrance culture!

The Jewish Museum is one of the citizens' initiative. It's good to know there are young people following in these footsteps, like Lilian.

Dorsten - the city that remembers for the future!

From right: Mayor Tobias Stockhoff, Museum's Director Dr. Kathryn Pieren, Sami Steigmann and Lilian Fee Magdanz

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