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"Your spirit adds an incredible amount of positive energy to all that is around you. I enjoy being uplifted by       that." 

"What an amazing impact you were able to have on so many young people in just a few short days. They will     remember your words for many years to come!"

"We were and are so honored to have had you as our featured speaker to enlighten our students.  You               connected so beautifully with them. Lisette and I and her cousins were talking well into the evening about     what a wonderful presence you were – I want you to know how grateful we are to you for having joined us."

"The museum is indeed fortunate to have him conduct tours and I hope many more visitors in the future will   have the benefit of his dedication to his docent work."

"Your powerful words and descriptive stories captivated our audience. It is important to have a speaker like     you who can reach out to a varied audience and ensure that all in attendance appreciate the meaning of         this Commemoration."

"We received many messages and phone calls letting us know how moved they were by your presentation,       particularly by your upbeat character which radiated throughout the room."

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