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"Your presentation gave me a better understanding of the lives of holocaust survivors."

"This was better than a history lesson we usually have, because this time it was a Jew who was telling a real     experience of his own life so it seemed more real."

" said through the Holocaust you was almost dying from starvation and a German woman risked her     life and her family's life to bring you bread because of your condition."

"In your presentation I liked how you were being very honest, and took the time to answer every question       asked."

"There was also a quote that was said that I fell in love with, and wrote it down in my notebook. "Never             judge a person by the group they are apart of, A person represents their self and only their self". That was       the best quote I ever heard."

"We will build on what you have set for us and we will learn from the past."

"Thank you for changing my life and inspiring me to be a better person and to continue to speak out against   injustices in humanity."

"The torch has been passed over and I will make sure the flame never dies out."

"I personally loved your message concerning the “difference” between a problem and a challenge. I must be     honest; before I heard you explain the difference between the two words I never really saw it. Now thanks     to you Sami I see how I can turn a situation around by addressing my problems as challenges. It is one thing   to solve a problem, but it is another to overcome a challenge!"

"Your outlook on life has definitely changed my perspective."

".....your story has inspired me to look at people not for their physical religious approaches. But, to judge           their character and how they respond....."

"You were a very inspirational person and had some amazing advice. Ever since you have come I have                 thought about what you have said.I have been trying my best to be the best person I can be so I can make a   difference in the world."

"You opened my eyes to many new perspectives that I would not have if you did not come to our school and     speak."

"It really helped me hearing you speak and talk about never losing hope. I can't relate exactly to you but, I         could relate. I am only 18but I have already been homeless because I struggle with alcoholism and drug           addiction. I had a rough go of things not so long ago, but I got my act together and moved myself into the         sober house and have been sober for 7 months. I lost hope completely about ever amounting to anything in   my life. Listening to you really helped me. So thank you."

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