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ADULTS (various ages)

"You are not just an educator - you are an inspiration."

"I have always strongly believed in the power of positive thinking but now, after meeting you, I am thinking     about turning this positive attitude into positive action. I hope to   one day leave the impact on others the       same impact you left on me."

"My husband, Daniel, and I really appreciated learning firsthand about your experiences. You helped us to         gain a much deeper understanding about the Holocaust and about how it affected people on a personal           level. Importantly, you helped us to understand more about the present as well."
"Your uplifting, informative presentation is such a necessary part of a fundamental social dialogue.I was           particularly amazed that, you, as a holocaust survivor, could relinquish hate and fill your heart with                   forgiveness instead of revenge."

"Sami -  you are an AMAZING person and FABULOUS speaker."

"Saw an amazing talk this morning by a Holocaust survivor. I actually had to hide my tears because he               endured it starting when he was Zeezee's age. I hugged her extra tight   after that talk."

"Sami has had the same effect on this side of the Atlantic (on a little Island called Jersey in the Channel               Islands). He has made a difference and inspired mw, and so many students. Thank you Sami once again!"

"Sami my friend you are the best ... you have positively influenced many lives steering them in the right             direction and watching them enjoy their successful life."

"Thank you for sharing your extraordinarily painful experiences with us. You have a strong will to live and         thrive."

"You did a great job and you should be very proud of yourself...."

"I found your talks to be very inspiring. It is wonderful that you are constantly speaking to students as they     of course were not yet born when these atrocities occurred but they should be aware of how devastating         this period was to millions of innocent people so that we have safeguards to never allow it to happen               again."

"Thank you for bringing us all together. You are a very special person Sami."

"Your passionate outpouring of positivity despite the terrible crimes and injustices committed against you,       impart a sense of decency, liberation, and greatness within the human soul and spirit. You are truly a               soldier of freedom!"

"I am very happy that I was able to provide you with a deeper understanding about the Holocaust ad the           culture of hate so common in the present."

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